Tile Options


We offer a wide choice of deck tile options.

The main features of each type of tile are summarized below.   We suggest you also try out our online visualizer.  Just upload a picture of your project and overlay it with different tile styles/colors.

And if you need further help in making a choice, call us on 866 206 8316 or send an email.


SwiftDeck Ipe Wood Tiles


  • Generally regarded as one of the most durable and hardest wood species available
  • Very stable in use, displaying little tendency to twist, warp or cup even under more extreme conditions
  • Excellent weathering properties – weathers to light grey color but keeps a smooth finish with no splintering
  • Very resistant to attack by decay fungi and insects
  • Can be used in the most highly exposed and severe climatic conditions including snow and ice
  • Hard wearing and scratch resistant – suitable for commercial applications
  • Mid-olive brown to very dark brown color, which can vary from board to board

EzyTile Slate Tiles


  • Moderately hard but can be scratched with sharp objects or chip on exposed edges
  • Application of a specialist slate sealer is recommended to reduce the risk of staining with oil etc.
  • Occasional minor flaking may occur due to natural laminar properties of slate
  • If used in areas subject to freeze/thaw issues, a protective sealer should be applied

EzyTile Granite Tiles


  • Very hard, strong and durable - ideal for commercial applications
  • Hammered surface finish provides good anti-slip properties
  • More stain resistant than slate
  • Can generally be used in areas subject to freeze/thaw issues, but application of a sealer is recommended

EzyTile Ceramic Tiles


  • Good anti-slip properties due to surface coating of fine transparent silica sand
  • Higher water absorption than granite - a sealer should be applied in areas subject to freeze/thaw issues
  • Thinner profile requires more care in installation and use
  • Not recommended where heavy cast iron furniture with unprotected legs is used
  • Must be laid over a solid, smooth surface to avoid "rocking" of the tiles
  • Not recommended for commercial applications

ResiDeck Wood Composite Tiles


  • Lower maintenance compared with natural wood tiles
  • Softer than Ipe wood tiles so not as resistant to scratching
  • Suitable for high rainfall, snow and ice conditions
  • Good resistance to color fading
  • Textured simulated wood grain finish provides anti-slip resistance
  • Not particularly resistant to mold or mildew
  • Application of a sealer is recommended to reduce risk of staining with oil etc.

Kronos Porcelain Pavers


  • Larger 2’ x 2’ format best suited for covering larger areas
  • Exceptionally wear resistant
  • Outstanding resistance to mold, salt deposits, and staining
  • Freeze/thaw resistant
  • Very good slip resistance
  • Extremely low maintnance
  • For home or light commercial applications
See www.handydeck.com for further information on these porcelain pavers